Glitter Powder:

We are involved in exporting of a widespread gamut of glitter powders that are used for various purposes. When used in the printing process, these glitter powders add a sparkling shine and a unique look to the end product. Moreover, we can also customize our range of glitter powders as per the specification of our clients.
We Produce Glitter Powder of every variety. The table Shows typical applications of our products. We believe we can meet your need for specific standards.
Holographic Glitter
  Technical Description:
Precision cut Holographic Glitter particles consisting of micro-embossed vacuumed polyethylene terephthalate, designed for applications requiring Prismatic Special Effect with excellent fastness properties. Solvent Resistant.
  Thickness: .001” (25 micron)
  Yield: 50 sq ft/lb Specific Gravity: 1.4 Particle
  Available: All sizes required
  Weight: Glitter net weight is approximated, due to specific characteristics, buoyancy and color.
  Packaging: Glitter will be packaged in individual zip-loc bags.
  Aluminum Glitter
We offer our clients an exclusive range of aluminum type glitter powders that offer an exceptional metal effect to the products these are applied upon. Available in a diverse array of attractive colors, these aluminum type glitter powders can be delivered in bulk quantities within the shortest possible lead time.
  • Durable
• Color fast
• Vibrant colors
  1. Midas Aluminum Glitter Epoxy

In plastic industry it is possible to use Midas Aluminum Glitter Epoxy up to a temperature of 220° C.

Midas Aluminum Glitter Epoxy is very popular in the household articles, through an injection molding process in black colour in order to obtain granite effects, or in silver colour for metallic impressions: for the chassis of vacuum cleaners, mobile telephones, espresso-machines, etc.

Midas Aluminum Glitter Epoxy is the most popular choice in the wallpaper industry as well as used for powder coatings on epoxy vesin base.


2. Midas Aluminum Glitter Uncoated

As a more economical choice, the Midas Aluminum Glitter Uncoated has many varied applications in the decoration industry: spread in window displays, on tables, in stores as well as on ornaments used in hobby and floral industry.

  Clear Polyester Glitter
Precision Cut Clear Glitter Particles Consisting of polyester designed for applications requiring a transparent particle.
  Thickness: .001 "(24 micron)
  Yield: 260 sq ft/kg
  Specific Gravity: 1.2
  Distortion Temp.: 350 f / 177 c
  Micro Glitter
Precision Cut Ultra thin metallic Glitter Particles Consisting of matalised (0.5 aluminum) coated polyester,designed for application requiring maximum brilliance with excellent fastness property , solvent resistance.
Thickness: 0005 "(12 micron)
  Yield: 450 sq ft/kg
  Specific Gravity: 1.4
  Distortion Temp.: 350 f / 177 c
  Smallest Particle Available: .002 * 00.2" (50 micron)
  Iridescent Glitter
Midas Iridescent Glitter to add sparkle to your polymer clay and other paper craft and decorative craft projects. Sprinkle it on the surface of your polymer clay beads, roll and bake, then varnish for a glittering finish! Mix it into your colored clays to make a sparkly effect. Add glitter to your scrapbooks or card designs - use Clear Glue to adhere them.
  Polyester Glitter
Glitter powder is our premium quality product area, where we can provide excellent brightness with innovative and attractive shades having good chemical resistance.
We engage a panel of the finest qualified personnel present in the industry, just to have the best R & D department in it’s sector.
The product applies to clothing , toy , decoration, Christmas gift, printing ink, trade industry such as cosmetics, plastic, form have circular, square, rectangle, hexagon, star type etc. Have the technology and the quantity guarantee, have fine after-sale service.